TesTrek 2013 Webinar Series: Mobile Testing


Webinar: “Mobile Testing”
Speaker: Michael Yudanin, CEO, Conflair

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Mobile testing is no longer a question – it’s a reality. The question is how to approach it. This is precisely the topic of the one-day class offered at TesTrek 2013, Mobile Testing. This free webinar will give a taste of this class by reviewing the subjects it covers and focusing more in-depth on two of them: outlining mobile testing strategy and mobile test automation.

Right strategy is the key for success. As such, it should be both robust enough to cover the existing needs and flexible enough to accommodate emerging challenges. Thus, we will briefly outline the main challenges facing mobile testing and proceed to outlining the components of mobile automation strategy that should answer these challenges.

Mobile test automation is also a must. The pace of change, multiplicity of platforms, criticality of the mobile applications of today – financial, retail, medical, etc. – call for increased effort on this front. Just like the overall mobile testing strategy, mobile test automation needs to be both robust and flexible. This, as we will discover, requires a massive re-thinking of the way we do automation, and perhaps even abandoning some good old approaches for the sake of newer, more flexible ones. This part of the webinar will include not only discussion but also a brief demo of a possible solution.

About the Speaker:

Michael Yudanin, CEO, ConflairMichael Yudanin is CEO of Conflair, a QA and testing company. He has been working on automating tests for mobile devices since before mobile apps and smartphones became a commonplace. Michael developed RealMobileTM, a unique patent-pending approach to using common automation tools to automate mobile apps testing. Among the clients who benefited from this approach are Home Depot, Bank of America, Weather Channel, and several other large enterprises. Michael is a regular conference speaker and instructor, and will be leading the Mobile Testing class at TesTrek 2013.

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