Full-day Class: Agile Practical Techniques Workshop

1382949000 - 1377793800

Agile Practical Techniques Workshop helps developers, testers, business analysts, scrum masters and project managers to develop an understanding of Agile development techniques focusing on concepts such as test driven development that integrate testing into the Agile process. The workshop combines concepts from Agile (e.g. Scrum, xP and Test Driven Development) and Learning Organizations, providing participants with the tools to both participate on Agile projects and to develop and deploy related processes.

Note this workshop is hands-on and “things” will be built (and maybe thrown)!

Course Objectives

This course is for testers struggling to understand how to integrate into an Agile team or don’t think they should. Agile team members including product owners, project managers and functional managers who want to understand how to maximize satisfaction and value from Agile will find the find value.

Attendees will learn:

  • Roles in a typical sprint
  • Why we should all be specializing generalists
  • Whether testing is a role or a person
  • Estimating work including testing, as a team
  • How feedback loops provide control in Agile

Course Outline

  • Agile Values and Principles
  • Agile Roles
    • Team Members
    • Product Owners
    • Coaches
    • Where are the testers?
  • Agile Planning
    • Iteration Planning
    • Release Planning
  • Agile Testing
    • Within Iterations
    • Outside of an iteration?
  • Agile and the TMMi
    • Overview of the TMMi
    • How can the TMMi be Agile
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Retrospectives



Tom Cagley leads DCG’s Software Process Improvement and Software Measurement Consulting Practices. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry. Tom has held technical and managerial positions in different industries as a leader in software methods and metrics, quality assurance, and systems analysis. He is a frequent speaker at metrics, quality, and project management conferences. His areas of expertise encompass methods and metrics, quality integration, quality assurance, and the application of the SEI’s CMMI® to achieve process improvements. Tom is the current President of the International Function Point Users Group. He also is an active blogger and podcaster, hosting and editing the Software Process and Measurement Cast.