“Today’s Challenges” Track Highlights Test Estimation and Measurement

What do test estimates and measurement have in common? Everyone wants them, but it’s a challenge to develop reliable and accurate numbers. Join Bruce, Bob, and Shaun as they take on the challenge with proven estimation and measurement approaches.

Featured Workshop:

“Model Based Effort Estimation for Software Testing”
Presented by Bruce Benton, NovusWorks

Model Based Effort Estimation leverages the common principals of successful estimation techniques and provides a structured approach to producing estimates which leverage repetitive patterns in work items, within and between projects. Additionally, this technique maximizes the ability of an organization to review estimates, ensure consistency across estimates, and update estimates over time, consequently, leading to greater accuracy earlier in the project.

This workshop will cover an overview of estimation practices and historical adoption, the difference between “reasonable” and “accurate” and which one best fits your organization, and the characteristics of effective estimation techniques and completeness. Read more.

Featured Presentation:

“The Yin and Yang of Metrics”
Presented by Bob Galen and Shaun Bradshaw, Zenergy Technologies

In this presentation, QA and testing experts Shaun Bradshaw and Bob Galen will discuss the value and pitfalls of various metrics in alternate development methodologies. Shaun will take the traditional test manager’s role with a focus on waterfall while his sparring partner, Bob will approach metrics from an agile perspective.

Join Shaun and Bob for a lively debate and learn how certain metrics work and don’t work in the waterfall versus agile realm, that there are universal metrics that provide value in both methodologies, how metrics evolve with methodologies, and what to keep and what to discard as your organization grows. Read more.