Tackle Test Automation Challenges at TesTrek 2012

TesTrek 2012 tackles technical challenges facing testers with a full two-day symposium track on Today’s Challenges. Focused sessions on TeamsProcessLeanEstimation,Measurement, and Automation connect you with experts and colleagues to learn proven practices. Browse all sessions in the Today’s Challenges track.

Featured Sessions: Test Automation

“Defining the Value of GUI Test Automation” discusses how to help a test automation team learn to understand what stakeholders really want, thus helping to define their real mission. Learn to correctly define test automation priorities and explore different metrics to report the value of test automation in different types of organizations. Read more.

“Effectively Implementing Test Automation: Performing an Internal Assessment” is an interactive workshop that guides you through a software test automation assessment process. Explore critical test organization assessment areas, learn key discovery questions, and develop a realistic roadmap for software test automation success. Read more.

“Meta Data Based Test Automation” introduces a new and innovative functional test automation framework based on a meta-data approach to assist in creating automation scripts quickly with high accuracy. Learn how to apply this framework to various enterprise applications testing needs, and get pointers for implementation. Read more.