Spotlight on Mobile Testing

As part of the popular “Emerging Trends” Track, TesTrek’s Software Testing Symposium will offer sessions focused on the growing importance of mobile testing tools and practices.

Featured Mobile Testing Sessions:

“Mobility Testing in a Globalized Environment” Presented by Michael Giacometti of Cognizant
This presentation gives you a roadmap on the current and future states of mobile testing, when and how to use the appropriate techniques, and how to take advantage of globalized environments so costs can be kept low and quality can be kept high. Read more.

“Mobile Test Automation: Necessary and Possible!” Presented by Michael Yudanin of Conflair¬†
This extended presentation surveys the four most common approaches to automating mobile apps: emulators, the hardware approach, special tools, and automation tools. A live demonstration of test automation for a mobile device will be included. Read more.