Speaker: Yury Makedonov, PhD, Independent Consultant

Yury Makedonov was trained as a researcher and worked in a research and development institution dealing with composite materials. He has a Ph.D. in Physics and Math. Now, Yury is using his skills and knowledge to improve software quality. Yury has over 15 years of testing experience and acts as a speaker and workshop leader at a variety of testing and quality assurance conferences across North America. Recently, he has been working as a QA Manager, Test Manager, and consultant.

Defining the Value of GUI Test Automation

Wednesday, November 7, 2012: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Today, we have a good understanding of the technical details for implementing GUI test automation. However, many test automation teams still struggle with understanding their mission. These teams find measuring their effectiveness and communicating their value to stakeholders an overwhelming challenge.

In his presentation, Yury will discuss how to help a test automation team learn to understand what their stakeholders really want, thus helping to define their real mission. Ideas for choosing metrics to measure effectiveness and communicate a test team’s real value to their stakeholders will be discussed.  Using this approach will help your test automation team become more successful and valued.

  • Understand that the value of test automation depends on a context.
  • Learn to correctly define test automation priorities based on the priorities of the development organization.
  • Explore different metrics that should be used to measure and report the value of test automation in different types of organizations.