Speaker: Michael Yudanin, Conflair

Michael Yudanin is CEO of Conflair, a QA and testing company. He has been working on automating tests for mobile devices since before mobile apps and smartphones became a commonplace. Michael developed RealMobileTM, a unique patent-pending approach to using common automation tools to automate mobile apps testing. Among the clients who benefited from this approach are Home Depot, Bank of America, Weather Channel, and several other large enterprises. Michael is regular conference speaker and instructor.

Mobile Test Automation: Necessary and Possible!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Mobile technologies are arguably the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications market. As with any other piece of software, this must be tested as well.  Mobile apps run on unique and diverse platforms. The diversity of platforms and operating systems, as well as short time-to-market, makes test automation attractive. The time and effort that data entry on mobile keyboards requires make it necessary.  Yet, how can we automate tests for mobile devices?  Before examining specific tools, it makes sense to formulate the criteria for judging them.  Following that, Michael will survey the four most common approaches to automating mobile apps.  First, he will address the emulators; then, the hardware approach that relies on modifying devices for the purpose of testing. Thirdly, Michael will look at the method that utilizes special tools and last, he will address the approach that relies on common automation tools.  A live demonstration of test automation for a mobile device will be included.

  • Understand that testing for mobile devices can and must be automated
  • Learn there are a number of ways to automate tests for mobile devices
  • Discover a set of criteria for judging automation methods and tools