Testing ETL: Don’t Dig a Tunnel with a Toothpick

Thursday, November 8, 2012: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Data migrations, interfaces, data warehouse feeds, ETL is everywhere.  Unfortunately, testing of these solutions often amounts to little more than a sham.  Where inappropriate skillsets and inappropriate tools are applied, testers can do no more than scratch the surface.  It needn’t be so. This kind of testing demands data literate testers and tool support. With the right blend of both, it is possible to extend the reach of testers while freeing them to uncover the problems that matter.  In this session, Iain will contrast a number of different approaches to testing ETL, both in terms of Oracle Ion and verification strategies.  Iain will also report on recent testing experiences such as a solution in a major Canadian bank, a project in which data integrity was critical and delivery dates were fixed by regulatory demands. He will cover the strategy, the people, the tools, and the lessons learned.

  • Discover how different ETL projects demand different approaches
  • Learn how to determine the appropriate approach for your project
  • Explore how appropriate tooling can enable effective testing of even the most complex and demanding ETL solution.