Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing with xBTM


Thursday, November 8, 2012: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Exploratory testing provides both flexibility and speed, characteristics that have become increasingly important with the quick pace of short agile iterations.  But, how do you retain traceability in exploratory testing without losing your creativity?  By using a combination of session-based test management and thread-based test management called xBTM.  In session-based test management, exploratory testing is structured and documented in sessions.  However, at times the work environment is too hectic or chaotic and requires the flexibility and freedom that is provided by thread-based test management. xBTM unites the two exploratory techniques to get the full advantage of both, from test planning to test reporting.  In this workshop, you will experience the difference between SBTM and TBTM hands-on and learn how the two methods can be combined for best efficiency.  Using a mock example and aided by multimedia, Christin and Marina will walk you through the xBTM workflow from test planning, through design and execution, to reporting.

  • Learn how to make exploratory testing structured, organized and traceable, without sacrificing the high bug-discovery potential
  • Discover when SBTM and TBTM work and when they don’t
  • Gain knowledge that will enable you to use xBTM in your own organization