Growing Your Testing CoE

Wednesday, November 7, 2012: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Building and maintaining a Center of Excellence is hard enough, but growing it is even harder. Once people are settled with standard processes and tools, they are not willing to leave their comfort zone to initiate change. However, stagnation is deadly in today’s IT market. It requires strong leaders with a clear vision to make your Testing CoE “change ready.”  Join Akemi as she shares the lessons and insights gained from her own experience of creating a true testing CoE that is technically savvy, highly motivated, and adaptive to technological changes.  Though this interactive workshop, learn to use the skills, personality traits, and learning styles of QA professionals to initiate change.  Understand the “change enablers” needed to support your CoE. Share your questions and concerns.  And finally, since most IT organizations understand little about QA, develop a vocabulary to articulate the value of the change you are initiating within your organization.

  • Understand what will motivate QA professionals to learn and change
  • Discover key “change enablers” to support your CoE through change
  • Learn how to gain management support for change