Achieving Functional Coverage in Legacy Systems via Domain Modeling

Wednesday, November 7, 2012: 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Organizations struggle on a daily basis validating large scale legacy systems which have evolved organically over time and do not possess comprehensive aggregate functional documentation.  However, it is rarely cost effective, or politically acceptable, to generate comprehensive traditional documentation on systems already in existence.  Domain Modeling can be a powerful technique for generating an aggregate functional view of legacy systems for a minimal investment in time and effort.  In his presentation, Bruce will present an industry case study where Domain Modeling was used to generate aggregate system documentation for a legacy application with over 10 million lines of code.  A small cross feature virtual team was formed and working part time over four months was able to document approximately 90% of the business entities and 40% of the capabilities in the system. This talk outlines how to capture those models and how to cross reference test cases against the documented capabilities.

  • Learn the basics of the Domain Modeling technique
  • Discover how Domain Modeling can be used to help increase quality in legacy systems
  • Understand how to maintain the generated model over time