Join In-depth Discussions of Advanced Testing Practices

TesTrek 2012 brings you the latest with a full two-day symposium track on Testing Practices. Focused sessions onTest PlanningRegression TestingUser Acceptance Testing,Web Accessibility, ETL TestingPerformance TestingExploratory Testing, and Value-Based Testing connect you with experts and colleagues to learn proven practices. Browse all sessions in the Testing Practices track.

Featured Sessions:

Extended Presentation: “Infusing Quality Through Strategic Regression Testing”
Join Michael Lawler of NueVista Group for this in-depth session utilizing exercises designed to provide practical experience with the regression testing effort. Participants will come to understand how to define various strategies for planning regression testing in ways that can improve the results of the software design, development, and deployment effort. Read more.

Presentation: “Testing ETL: Don’t Dig a Tunnel with a Toothpick”
In this session, Iain McCowatt of CGI will contrast a number of different approaches to testing ETL, both in terms of Oracle Ion and verification strategies. Iain will also report on recent testing experiences, including the strategies, people, tools, and lessons learned. Read more.

Workshop: “Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing with xBTM”
In this workshop, you will experience the difference between SBTM and TBTM hands-on and learn how the two methods can be combined for best efficiency. Dr. Christin Wiedemann and Marina Coan of PQA Ltd. will walk you through the xBTM workflow from test planning, through design and execution, to reporting. Read more.