Focus: Test Estimation

Model Based Effort Estimation for Software Testing

Thursday, November 8, 2012: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Model Based Effort Estimation leverages the common principals of successful estimation techniques and provides a structured approach to producing estimates which leverage repetitive patterns in work items, within and between projects.  Additionally, this technique maximizes the ability of an organization to review estimates, ensure consistency across estimates, and update estimates over time, consequently, leading to greater accuracy earlier in the project. This workshop will cover an overview of estimation practices and historical adoption, the difference between “reasonable” and “accurate” and which one best fits your organization, and the characteristics of effective estimation techniques and completeness.  Bruce will also discuss unloaded hours vs. loaded hours and why estimates should be done in raw hours.  You will review a summary of common counting techniques that can be used to quantify work scope and customized to a specific project.  Finally, Bruce will lead a discussion of how to recognize repetitive patterns in project work items, within and across projects, and how to leverage these patterns.

  • Discover how to use Model Based Effort Estimation
  • Learn to recognize and leverage repetitive work patterns
  • Realize the power of common counting techniques