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ALM and Lean Best Practices from Microsoft and David Consulting Group Experts

New practices require new techniques and tools. Join Adam Gallant of Microsoft and Thomas Cagley of David Consulting Group for in-depth sessions to help your team adapt and thrive in an agile software delivery environment.

Featured TesTrek 2012 Sessions:

“Testing Techniques for Modern Applications”
Presented by Adam Gallant, Microsoft

The past few years as seen a change in IT towards building distributed, cloud-connected applications for broad platform consumption, from mobile devices to traditional PCs, all while striving to adopt agile practices in software delivery. This change brings with it a continuing evolution of techniques that are required to ensure high quality applications.

In this session, we’ll examine methods to drive higher quality in these new applications, from exploratory testing techniques, UI automation, to load/stress testing and lab environments. We’ll also explore how “tours” can support new ways to drive coverage in testing. Read more.

“Lean Techniques for Managing Testing”
Presented by Thomas Cagley, David Consulting Group

Lean techniques used in testing are mechanisms to scale testing processes while optimizing the testing value stream. In today’s corporate environment lean and agile are used almost synonymously but they are not the same. Lean focuses on systems thinking and process optimization while agile is focused on people. Lean concentrates on the workflow through a testing process.

Tools like value chain mapping and kanban can be used to maximize the value of testing while enhancing overall team performance. Combining lean and agile can optimize both the people equation and the process equation. Join Tom to understand how a combination of both techniques applied correctly can benefit your own organization. Read more.

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4 Week Countdown to TesTrek 2012!

With just 4 weeks until TesTrek 2012, the time is now to get prepared!

Have you registered you and your team yet? Register now and take advantage of group discounts and exclusive savings for QAI chapter members and certified professionals!

Have you booked your hotel stay yet at the Delta Chelsea in Downtown Toronto? Book your rooms online in advance of October 14 to make sure you are able to receive the special TesTrek room rate of $139.00 CAD plus HST per night!

Have you planned which speakers or sessions to attend? View the complete program, search by speaker, or select a symposium track: Today’s Challenges, Emerging Trends, or Testing Practices.

Are you ready to network and connect? Connect TesTrek attendees and get the latest updates during the conference by following TesTrek on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.

See you in Toronto!

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“Today’s Challenges” Track Highlights Test Estimation and Measurement

What do test estimates and measurement have in common? Everyone wants them, but it’s a challenge to develop reliable and accurate numbers. Join Bruce, Bob, and Shaun as they take on the challenge with proven estimation and measurement approaches.

Featured Workshop:

“Model Based Effort Estimation for Software Testing”
Presented by Bruce Benton, NovusWorks

Model Based Effort Estimation leverages the common principals of successful estimation techniques and provides a structured approach to producing estimates which leverage repetitive patterns in work items, within and between projects. Additionally, this technique maximizes the ability of an organization to review estimates, ensure consistency across estimates, and update estimates over time, consequently, leading to greater accuracy earlier in the project.

This workshop will cover an overview of estimation practices and historical adoption, the difference between “reasonable” and “accurate” and which one best fits your organization, and the characteristics of effective estimation techniques and completeness. Read more.

Featured Presentation:

“The Yin and Yang of Metrics”
Presented by Bob Galen and Shaun Bradshaw, Zenergy Technologies

In this presentation, QA and testing experts Shaun Bradshaw and Bob Galen will discuss the value and pitfalls of various metrics in alternate development methodologies. Shaun will take the traditional test manager’s role with a focus on waterfall while his sparring partner, Bob will approach metrics from an agile perspective.

Join Shaun and Bob for a lively debate and learn how certain metrics work and don’t work in the waterfall versus agile realm, that there are universal metrics that provide value in both methodologies, how metrics evolve with methodologies, and what to keep and what to discard as your organization grows. Read more.

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Keynote: How QA Can Help Deliver Business Agility and Innovation

Keynote Speaker: Bruce Pinn, CIO, International Financial Data Services Ltd.

Not long ago, the key measure of an IT group’s success was simply on how well it delivered excellence in managing the fundamentals of a data centre. If the systems were running reliably, incidents were managed effectively, finances were in order, and the project portfolio was reasonably healthy, life was good for all.

Times have changed. A CEOs expectation of his or her IT department has grown significantly. Yesterday’s definition of IT service excellence has become today’s service level agreement table stakes. CEOs want their IT department to show more agility and innovation so as to drive down IT costs, create revenue opportunities and support the business in delivering on its strategic priorities. Quality Assurance plays a key role in helping the CIO deliver on today’s IT mandate. You need to ask yourself what you and your team are doing to face the new IT challenges? If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Don’t miss this exciting keynote presentation by Bruce Pinn on Wednesday, November 7 at TesTrek 2012! Read more.

About Bruce Pinn

TesTrek Keynote: Bruce Pinn, CIO, International Financial Data Services Ltd.Bruce Pinn is Chief Information Officer, accountable for Core Development, Client Development and the Project Management office at International Financial Data Services Ltd. Prior to IFDS, Bruce held the position of Senior Vice-President of Development at Symcor Inc. His previous experience also includes serving as Vice-President, Application Development at Optus e-Business Solutions and Senior Vice-President, Application Development at Corelan Communications Inc.

In his role at Corelan, Bruce led the development of the FundSERV Mutual Fund trading system, as well as the design and management of several large websites, including Thomas Cook’s FX business online. Bruce has over 30 years of IT experience and has thorough knowledge of financial services and outsourcing. Read more.

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Join In-depth Discussions of Advanced Testing Practices

TesTrek 2012 brings you the latest with a full two-day symposium track on Testing Practices. Focused sessions onTest PlanningRegression TestingUser Acceptance Testing,Web Accessibility, ETL TestingPerformance TestingExploratory Testing, and Value-Based Testing connect you with experts and colleagues to learn proven practices. Browse all sessions in the Testing Practices track.

Featured Sessions:

Extended Presentation: “Infusing Quality Through Strategic Regression Testing”
Join Michael Lawler of NueVista Group for this in-depth session utilizing exercises designed to provide practical experience with the regression testing effort. Participants will come to understand how to define various strategies for planning regression testing in ways that can improve the results of the software design, development, and deployment effort. Read more.

Presentation: “Testing ETL: Don’t Dig a Tunnel with a Toothpick”
In this session, Iain McCowatt of CGI will contrast a number of different approaches to testing ETL, both in terms of Oracle Ion and verification strategies. Iain will also report on recent testing experiences, including the strategies, people, tools, and lessons learned. Read more.

Workshop: “Harnessing the Power of Exploratory Testing with xBTM”
In this workshop, you will experience the difference between SBTM and TBTM hands-on and learn how the two methods can be combined for best efficiency. Dr. Christin Wiedemann and Marina Coan of PQA Ltd. will walk you through the xBTM workflow from test planning, through design and execution, to reporting. Read more.

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Last Day for Early Birds savings!

What’s the easiest way to save hundreds on the costs of attending TesTrek 2012 in Toronto? Early Registration! Book by the end of Saturday, September 15 to take advantage of significant savings:

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Spotlight on Mobile Testing

As part of the popular “Emerging Trends” Track, TesTrek’s Software Testing Symposium will offer sessions focused on the growing importance of mobile testing tools and practices.

Featured Mobile Testing Sessions:

“Mobility Testing in a Globalized Environment” Presented by Michael Giacometti of Cognizant
This presentation gives you a roadmap on the current and future states of mobile testing, when and how to use the appropriate techniques, and how to take advantage of globalized environments so costs can be kept low and quality can be kept high. Read more.

“Mobile Test Automation: Necessary and Possible!” Presented by Michael Yudanin of Conflair 
This extended presentation surveys the four most common approaches to automating mobile apps: emulators, the hardware approach, special tools, and automation tools. A live demonstration of test automation for a mobile device will be included. Read more.

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Tackle Test Automation Challenges at TesTrek 2012

TesTrek 2012 tackles technical challenges facing testers with a full two-day symposium track on Today’s Challenges. Focused sessions on TeamsProcessLeanEstimation,Measurement, and Automation connect you with experts and colleagues to learn proven practices. Browse all sessions in the Today’s Challenges track.

Featured Sessions: Test Automation

“Defining the Value of GUI Test Automation” discusses how to help a test automation team learn to understand what stakeholders really want, thus helping to define their real mission. Learn to correctly define test automation priorities and explore different metrics to report the value of test automation in different types of organizations. Read more.

“Effectively Implementing Test Automation: Performing an Internal Assessment” is an interactive workshop that guides you through a software test automation assessment process. Explore critical test organization assessment areas, learn key discovery questions, and develop a realistic roadmap for software test automation success. Read more.

“Meta Data Based Test Automation” introduces a new and innovative functional test automation framework based on a meta-data approach to assist in creating automation scripts quickly with high accuracy. Learn how to apply this framework to various enterprise applications testing needs, and get pointers for implementation. Read more.

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Agile Meets CMMI at TesTrek 2012

Agile testing is a hot topic at the TesTrek 2012 Software Testing Symposium! Gain the expert insights to power your team forward with a compelling keynoteagile testing sessions, and the special bonus AgileTrek event!

Keynote: “Agile Meets CMMI…Again” Featuring James McHale of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute

Virtually all real-world projects today demand both the flexibility that characterizes agile methods and elements of the technical and managerial rigor that characterize CMMI. This compelling keynote presentation will focus on ways that the best-performing development teams use the entire spectrum between agility and formality. Features such as planning, training, measurement, role definitions, coaching, design, and testing are crucial for most long-term definitions of “success.”Read more.

About the Speaker

Jim McHale has spent 20 years as a software developer, systems engineer, and project leader on industrial control system. Since 1999, as a senior member of the technical staff at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, he trains and coaches development teams and their organizations. Read more.

Symposium Session Highlights

“Agile Testing Innovations in a Distributed World” tackles the critical factors in transitioning to agile methodologies, and highlights assets on various platforms to aid global delivery in a distributed environment. Take away best practices, an agile test assessment framework, an early defect detection framework, and much more. Read more.

“Testing Agile” discusses the growth states of agile and the need to grow with the methodology so that your organization is using the correct “version” of agile. Read more.

Extend TesTrek with Bonus Agile Forum!

Extend your experience and enhance your learning by attending the AgileTrek Symposium on Friday, November 9. This focused event brings together leading coaches, evangelists, and practitioners to share experiences and proven methods in agile software projects.

Whether you are an agile expert or just beginning your transformation, you’ll find the topics and discussions that matter most to you. AgileTrek’s program covers Transformation, Teams, User Stories, Backlog, Retrospectives, and more. Explore the full program.

This event requires additional registration. Individuals registered for TesTrek 2012 at any admission level save on AgileTrek registration! Read more.

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Print and Share the TesTrek 2012 Flier!

TesTrek 2012 FlierHelp spread the word about Toronto’s most exciting events for software testing professionals! Download and share the TesTrek and AgileTrek 2012 fliers at your local chapter meetings and in the office. The PDF file includes fliers for both events. Print each individually or save paper by printing double-sided. See you is Toronto this fall!

Don’t forget that there are also significant registration discounts for QAI Members, QAI Chapter Members, and QAI Certified Professionals! Visit the Registration Pricing and Discounts page for details.