Call for Sponsors

Sponsor TesTrek Toronto 2012!

If you are a provider of IT quality and/or testing tools and services, this is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand’s presence by being represented and making yourself known at TesTrek Toronto 2012 through the sponsorship opportunities.

Participation as a sponsor at this symposium provides high visibility for your company. Your company’s name and logo will appear on the TesTrek Toronto 2012 website. Secondly, your company’s name and logo will appear in marketing materials for the event which will be distributed to over 30,000 IT professionals across Canada and worldwide. Lastly, your company will have direct contact with IT professionals attending the conference, which include management at all levels as well as practitioners who take information back to their companies that they gathered during the symposium.

We are now accepting requests for serving as a conference sponsor. Please call 1-866-899-1724 or e-mail for more information.