Agile Meets CMMI at TesTrek 2012

Agile testing is a hot topic at the TesTrek 2012 Software Testing Symposium! Gain the expert insights to power your team forward with a compelling keynoteagile testing sessions, and the special bonus AgileTrek event!

Keynote: “Agile Meets CMMI…Again” Featuring James McHale of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute

Virtually all real-world projects today demand both the flexibility that characterizes agile methods and elements of the technical and managerial rigor that characterize CMMI. This compelling keynote presentation will focus on ways that the best-performing development teams use the entire spectrum between agility and formality. Features such as planning, training, measurement, role definitions, coaching, design, and testing are crucial for most long-term definitions of “success.”Read more.

About the Speaker

Jim McHale has spent 20 years as a software developer, systems engineer, and project leader on industrial control system. Since 1999, as a senior member of the technical staff at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute, he trains and coaches development teams and their organizations. Read more.

Symposium Session Highlights

“Agile Testing Innovations in a Distributed World” tackles the critical factors in transitioning to agile methodologies, and highlights assets on various platforms to aid global delivery in a distributed environment. Take away best practices, an agile test assessment framework, an early defect detection framework, and much more. Read more.

“Testing Agile” discusses the growth states of agile and the need to grow with the methodology so that your organization is using the correct “version” of agile. Read more.

Extend TesTrek with Bonus Agile Forum!

Extend your experience and enhance your learning by attending the AgileTrek Symposium on Friday, November 9. This focused event brings together leading coaches, evangelists, and practitioners to share experiences and proven methods in agile software projects.

Whether you are an agile expert or just beginning your transformation, you’ll find the topics and discussions that matter most to you. AgileTrek’s program covers Transformation, Teams, User Stories, Backlog, Retrospectives, and more. Explore the full program.

This event requires additional registration. Individuals registered for TesTrek 2012 at any admission level save on AgileTrek registration! Read more.