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Welcome to Toronto TesTrek Symposium!


Today's Challenges and Emerging Trends in Software Testing - TesTrek is unique!
50% of the sessions are extended workshops with facilitated discussion.

In today's fast paced IT environment with limited time and budget, TesTrek provides the best and quickest path to learn testing practices, to solve your challenges, and to keep up-to-date with software testing trends.   TesTrek's 'Two-for-Two' format consists of a two-day Manager's Solutions Workshop and a two-day Software Testing Symposium filled with information exchange between industry leaders and fellow testing professionals.

Manager's Solutions Workshop (October 26 - 27)

The Manager's Solutions Workshop focuses on the top challenges facing managers in building, testing, and delivering quality software applications and products in today's fast-paced and demanding environment. This intense and interactive workshop provides a unique opportunity for managers to leverage group problem solving skills and industry expert knowledge in developing pragmatic solutions.

Software Testing Symposium (October 28 - 29)

The software testing Practitioner's Symposium provides two days of presentations and workshops given by industry leaders that focus on best practices and proven methods for software testing in today's diverse software delivery platforms. The symposium format provides opportunities for in-depth learning and discussion of today's key topics and emerging trends within software testing.

Today's Testing Challenges:
Testing Value/ROI, Test Measurement, Test Process Improvement, Test Automation, Test Teams Management, Test Estimation, Globalization

Emerging Testing Trends:
Agile Testing, Security Testing, ALM Testing, SOA Testing, Next Generation Testing, Testing Center of Excellence

Testing Practices:
Exploratory Testing, Test Planning, Web Services Testing, Scenario Based Testing, Test Data/Environments, Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Risk-Based Testing

TesTrek is attended by test managers, test leads, software testers, quality control analysts, and other IT professionals performing testing activities.

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